I am decluttering so much at home while I can not travel. I started in some of the bedrooms in my home. The other bedroom holds my clothes. I spend a good month decluttering the clothes and filled two recycle bags for the charity. I did forget to take a before of both wardrobes. This is my casual clothes, the other hold boring work clothes that I am not showing.

My hanging storage was breaking due to the weight. So I had to replace this with another one from Ikea. It is called a Skubb. And the top two had t-shirts and strap camisoles. And using the Marie Kondo method of folding, I got all my t-shirts and camisoles in my chest of drawers.

I then sorted out most of my travel pieces that were found in various places and put them in two boxes so all summer, shoes, bags, accessories are all in the same place and have a home. Very pleased that I have managed to do this.

Then I found some of my nicer summer sandals that I have put in boxes on the top shelf. This wardrobe is semi sorted. Can you ever really be organised. I feel that there is always something you can sort out. I will not be doing anything more to my clothes. I have finally filled up over five big bags for the recycling bins. I am happy with this. I am moving onto other places in my home.

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