This is my pan cupboard, where I stock our saucepans and oven trays.


I started taking every out and deciding if I wanted to get rid of anything. In the end I removed cake tin. I do not bake anymore and they were not getting used. They were moved to my charity box. I then when through my pans.


One of these I have not used in six months, and tried to put in my charity box. But my husband was not having any of it. He insisted we keep it and I told him, if we still have not used it within the next six months. Then it will be sent to charity. I then cleaned the cupboard. And then put all the saucepans lids, and folding steamer baskets in a box from Home Bargains. This small one is perfect so that things do not fall down and get in the way.


And then I was wondering whether to change to a saucepan lid rack holder but it did not fit properly and the basket was better for our needs.


 And then I was finished, so this is pan cupboard until I do another declutter !