Today I am showing you my greeting cards organisation. In the past, I had found myself without a card for a birthday or not enough Christmas cards  Trying to be better about being prepared, I started collecting greeting cards to keep at home.  A few here and there and I had grown a nice collection. And they needed a dedicated home.


I had a old Ikea box that I liked the look of.


I could have just put the cards in there. But as there are both Birthday, Thank you, Christmas cards. I decided to make some dividers. Using craft cardboard, I cut this down to size and used a label template to create tabs for the tops. I used one of the tallest envelopes in the stack to act as a guide for height. And using my label maker, I had labelled dividers. Then I sorted all the cards and then I was done. I am very pleased that I have a dedicated card storage system.


My gift wrap is all stored in one box. I have both birthday and Christmas paper in this box. I also have ribbon, sellotape, tags and scissors. So that I am ready to wrap my gift. This is the box that has made me life easier.


This is the inside of my box, one section holds the ribbons, sellotape and scissors.


This other section hold gift tags and stickers for my gifts


And the bottom of the box hold my wrapping paper both Birthday and Christmas and any sheets that I have.


I would recommend this box to anyone wanting to store wrapping paper and everything else that comes with this, in the one place. It has made my life easier and that is all good !


Welcome to my blog ! Are you overwhelmed by clutter? Feeling disorganised even stressed in your own environment and don’t know where to start? This was me last year. Being made redundant due to ill health, I thought I would start decluttering my home.

Organising can overwhelm us all and bad habits can quickly happen before a blink of an eye. Decluttering is also one of the best things that allows you to weed through your belongings and find out what you have room for and what you NEED in your new home. Decluttering is one of the best feelings in the world.

I have started to really enjoys sorting, organising and getting things into order. It has taken me a long time to be able to tackle these tasks themselves. I have found that making decisions about possessions is difficult, and that emotional attachments to our belongings can be very strong. But I am pleased to be actually feeling better the more organised I am becoming.

I suggest starting by having a look at the areas you would like to work on and think about what you want to achieve in your own homes. What comes first is decluttering; setting up a system for categorising items e.g. keep, charity or sell. That is what I am working on. Come join me and see how I get on organising !

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Happy Organising