In our spare room, we have an Ottoman bed. When I saw this one day online, I loved it and then when I went to the store I really wanted it. It was retailed at £1249. So I waited for the sale and within the year, it was reduced and I got if for £349. Such a bargain. I did not need a mattress so that kept the cost down. I wanted it for the storage. This is what I have put in mine. I mainly use it for shoes and bags.

These are my summer sandals and shoes. I travel frequently and often go to warm places. So it makes more sense to keep my summer stuff in the bed. Easier access when needed.

Lots of bags for different purposes. I used to have so many more but I have since decluttered so many and given them to charity. Now they are in piles and baskets so I know what style I am looking for.

This is my emergency/carry on bag that fits under airplane seats. I have it semi filled so I just need to add toiletries, clothes and electronic pieces. It is perfect for me, and it can ever hold my computer as I use this often for short haul trips last year.

These are my summer bags and accessories.

This is the rest of my shoes and boots. I have my trainers in buckets. I also have my walking boots and my hunter wellington boots.

I would recommend have an Ottoman bed to anyone. It is perfect for me and storing all this pieces. I do have a lot of things and will not need to buy replacements for a very long time !